Benefits of Attending

The DACUM Training Institute is designed for school, college, company, and other workforce development program or course designers, training coordinators, trainers, curriculum specialists, educational specialists, and human resource development specialists.

The week-long training institute is designed to prepare you to be a successful DACUM facilitator. You will:

  • Learn key elements of the DACUM process: how to use DACUM effectively, acquire facilitation skills, how to obtain panelists’ comments and clarify panelists’ statements with probing techniques.
  • Obtain practice – use the DACUM process to practice analyzing a job and receive mentoring and feedback from a trained facilitator.
  • Conduct your first actual workshop with a team of new facilitators under the guidance of a highly experienced facilitator.
  • Receive certification as a DACUM Facilitator, recognizing you as successfully completing a DACUM facilitator training at The Ohio State University.