SCID Workshop

The SCID workshop is complementary to the work produced through the DACUM process. It answers the question, “How can you most effectively teach what needs to be taught?”  You can use SCID to develop curriculum and instructional materials needed to train tomorrow’s workforce. It works for schools, colleges, companies, and government agencies.

SCID Workshop Activity

During the five-day workshop, participants will engage in large group presentations, small group discussions, and individual hands-on practical exercises and activities. A variety of instructional methods are utilized to provide hands-on opportunities in the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of the SCID process of instructional design.

Who Should Attend a SCID?

  • Post-secondary instructional/curriculum specialists, teachers, supervisors
  • Business/industry trainers, instructional development specialists
  • State staff and curriculum center/lab personnel
  • Career-technical teacher educators, training program managers
  • Secondary instructional/curriculum specialists, teachers, supervisors
  • Government agency trainers and program developers
  • CTE, TVET and VET educators and trainers