What type of training does the DACUM International Training Center provide?

The DACUM International Training Center at The Ohio State University’s Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) provides comprehensive job and task analysis training to participants in Columbus, OH or will travel to an organization.

DACUM, which stands for Developing a Curriculum, is a quick, low cost method of analyzing jobs and occupations that has been used worldwide for more than 40 years. A job analysis determines the duties and tasks performed for a given job. During a job analysis subject matter experts working in the given job work with a facilitator to list all of the major duties of the job and the tasks that make up each duty. When a job analysis is complete, the information can be used to write job descriptions, determine the skill and compensation levels for the position, and create training materials. The DACUM process is tool to perform accurate job analysis.

SCID stands for Systematic Curriculum and Instructional Development and is designed to produce relevant, high-quality, competency-based instructional materials based on the job analysis developed using the DACUM process. SCID is complementary to the DACUM workshop and follows the ADDIE framework. It basically answers the question, “How can you teach most effectively what needs to be taught?” SCID is a systematic process model used to develop curriculum and instructional materials needed to train tomorrow’s workforce. It has repeatedly worked very well for many schools, colleges, companies, and government agencies.